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Oh Livejournal, you'll always be there when I'm feeling like a whiny douchebag.

I couldn't help but notice I'm getting less and less emotionally stable lately. I feel as though I am bordering on, if not already participating in, behavior that could be considered "emo" or "fucked up" or "being an asshole".

So in the interest of not doing any of the following:

  • Alienating anyone

  • Pissing anyone off

  • Unnecessarily worrying anyone

  • Getting fired

I will begin radio silence in the public sphere starting today, continuing until I feel like ending it.

This means no more snarky, cryptic, depressive status messages on twitter or facebook, primarily. It also entails refraining from status messages of similar type for those in my IM circle. (Although I am contemplating maintaining "eat a bag of hell" because I think that's hilarious.)

It also means I will not be reading any of these streams either.

If you need to contact me, email and IM will work just fine. Twitter DM and Facebook private messages will also work. Public @ messages will not (unless I can get it to email me on those, but I'd rather not).

However if you email or IM me and I don't answer, there's a reason for it, like the fact that I work to secure indoor living and food, for example.

I am not ok, and I don't not want to talk about it unless you have some really clever ideas regarding solving the following:

  • Finding viable work for 3 young men, 18, 20, and 21 who are fresh in the job market.

  • Finding reliable fiscal support for 2 older women who are well out of the job market.

  • Finding housing for any and/or all of them.

I have real problems and I'm starting to handle them like a real dipshit. Part of solving this problem includes stopping my pity party long enough to make phone calls and get shit done. The other part might ACTUALLY involve seeing a doctor for once - though being the person I am, I'm still not entirely convinced.
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